Pizza dhovels hard anodizing

Very high resistance and greater slipping

Because quality means choosing Cerutti Inox

For our 60 years we've designed 2 shovels

Each queen has her own scepter

Strength and attention to detail

Professional sieves in AISI 304 stainless steel

Indispensable in the kitchen of every pizzeria

Accessories for pizza preparation

Cerutti Inox

It is not the value of an object that matters, but making sure that an object is of value


With constant attention to new technologies and investments, Cerutti Inox manufactures its products using cutting-edge machinery and technologies that allow it great flexibility, allowing it to meet the needs of its customers.


Thanks to its know-how, to the manufacturing processes carried out almost entirely in-house and to the professionalism and commitment of its human resources, Cerutti inox products are recognized worldwide for their degree of quality and reliability.


Cerutti Inox, offers its customers a sales network distributed throughout the national and international territory, guaranteeing a constant and fast service, aimed at satisfying every need.